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Grain Brain

As we age what is one of our greatest fears? For many of us, it is developing Alzheimers disease. Did you know that there is cutting-edge research that proves that the fate of our brain is not in our genes  but in the food we eat? I didnt believe it either until one of the Mercy Sisters introduced me to the book Grain Brain by David Perlmutter M.D. who is a board certified Neurologist. The more I read the more convinced I became that some changes in my diet could make dramatic changes not only in my overall health but more specifically as a preventive measure against Alzheimers Disease. Every recommendation Perlmutter makes he backs up with up to date research which is what really convinced me. I have been interested in Dementia for years and a few years ago got certified in Alzheimers and Other Dementia but my study did not include the outstanding research which I discovered in Grain Brain. Nutritionists have been telling us to decrease our sugar, carbs and even wheat for years but what I found exciting about this research is the importance of their impact on our brain. Perlmutter has compiled research from all over the world some of which includes cognitive testing before and after making these dietary changes. The results are so overwhelming and remarkable that they have convinced me to at least try to begin following some of the Grain Brain recipes. And so far I have found them to be utterly delicious!

Maureen Sinnott

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