God often does His best transformational work in the darkest time. Imagine being asked by God to meet an enemy on the battlefield but just stand there awaiting His victory. Why? Because God desired the glory.

Like it or not, this current election situation requires patient waiting. Nothing you can do on your own will change things. But God is in the business of change. He changes circumstances. He directs change in His creation. Most importantly, out of His mercy, He changes lives, and no one is beyond His reach. Follower of Christ, it is time for you to stand firm, to hold onto your faith, and watch His transformative power. Now is a good time to allow God to be glorified!

  • Thank God that you can know He is in absolute control of all things and will be glorified in whatever happens.
  • Pray for election officials and volunteers who are counting ballots.
  • Pray for candidates as they wait out the tally of the people’s votes.
  • Pray about court challenges that are or will be underway and the judges who will hear them.
  • Thank God that America remains a nation where individuals can let their voices be heard at the ballot boxes.


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Mary Anita Iddings RSM | Reply 19.02.2017 14.43

What a beautiful thought and so appropriate as we blend our love for God and each other into a Oneness that can reach out to all those thirsting for God.

Mary Anita Iddings RSM | Reply 08.09.2016 20.28

Another beautiful prayer by Joyce Rupp. It reminds me so much of living the last part of THIS life. "God of life, you believe in us, you enrich us, '.......

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