WMW Director of Member Health and Wellness

The  ultimate  goal is to identify and design programs, services, and facilities that will meet both the short and long term ne Retirement Department Objective

·         To foster relationships with Sisters through
     opportunities of hospitality, available

     services, programs and individual interactions.

·         To provide opportunities for goal setting between Sisters,
      PC's and LCC's

·    To consistently assess holistic needs of the Sisters.

·         To engage Sisters in opportunities for educational    

·         To offer resources which enrich the Sisters spiritual life

·         To ensure collaboration and communication between
     the Sisters, PCs, and LCCs

·         To support good stewardship of human and 


Jean Sassatelli

West Midwest Central Office

7262 Mercy Road
Omaha, NE 68124

Main Office:   402-393-8225
Direct Line:   402-881-4901
Cell:              402-779-9788

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I already sent my email address!!

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Send your email address to jsassatelli@mercywmw.org and I will send a PDF oF the information.

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I am interested in the Aging Conference in Buffalo. Unfortunately, I am unable to read the bio of the speakers because the font is too small. Can you help?