Life Care Coordinators




Teresa Tuttle RN

Auburn, California

(530) 887-2013  DIRECT OFFICE

(530) 320-9648  CELL

Annette Graff

Burlingame, California
650-340-7438 Direct office
650-242-6138 Cell

Cathy Wiese

Omaha, Nebraska/Cedar Rapids, Iowa

402-881-4924 Direct Office
402-800-7000 Cell

Monica Jennings

Chicago, Illinois/Cedar Rapids, Iowa
630-801-4422  Direct office
630-210-5559   Cell

LuAnn Hannasch, RSM

Detroit, Michigan/Cedar Rapids, Iowa

248-536-3237 Direct Office
248-508-7325 Cell

Katie Hayes



Latest comments

17.09 | 12:29

Next MNOA Conference is Oct. 3rd - 6th 20119 at the Millennium Hotel in Buffalo NY. Reminder card will be out before end of the year.

17.09 | 12:10

When is the next meeting? I was on the Board for many years and miss coming to these meetings, and have had to attend a PC WMW meeting in September instead.

26.12 | 08:03

It’s amazing how they managed to achieve so much. It’s always nice to hear and be inspired.

19.02 | 14:43

What a beautiful thought and so appropriate as we blend our love for God and each other into a Oneness that can reach out to all those thirsting for God.