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“Younger Next Year”

Book Review by Monica Jennings


I recently finished reading  “Younger Next Year”.  It is a life affirming book and a guide to aging without fear and anxiety.  Internist Dr. Henry Harry Lodge and 73 year old Chris Crowley make this book a fun and motivating read.  It contains scientifically backed and hard to ignore facts.  The authors ascertain that to avoid many if not most of the normal problems of aging, illness and injury, we must exercise our body and mind and stay connected to loved ones.  A commitment to simple changes in our daily lives will profoundly contribute to the vitality and quality of our lives as we grow older.  I would recommend “Younger Next Year” to everyone, especially anyone over the age of 50. 



FALLING UPWARD:  a Spirituality of the two halves of life.

By  Richard Rohr

ISBN 978-0-470-90775-7      2011    Jossey-Bass an Imprint of Wiley   $19.95  hardback


In FALLING UPWARD, Father Richard Rohr offers a new paradigm for understanding one of the most profound of life’s mysteries:  how our failings can be the foundation for our ongoing spiritual growth.  Drawing on the wisdom from time-honored myths, heroic poems, great thinkers, and sacred religious texts the author explores the two halves of life…  (jacket)


The value of this book lies in the clarity with which it invites us to see the value of our own experience of aging as the way

God is moving us from doing to being, from achieving to appreciating from planning and plotting to trusting the strange process in which we diminish and at the same time strangely expand and grow in all sorts of ways we cannot and do not need to explain to anyone including ourselves. …we can begin to realize that the timeless wisdom of the elders is …welling up in our own hearts and minds.  ( Jim Finley, Merton Scholar)


I am directionally impaired.  When in unfamiliar territory I need to engage my GPS. And so it is.  I prayed and reflected on my times of falling downward and falling upward through my shadow side and my gifted side through my early years to the present time.  In the GPS of this book, I found directional signs, resting places, desserts to traverse, luscious valleys to draw forth faith, courage, and hope for this wondrous and precious life I have and live. This is a read, pause, reflect, and pray book. Put on your traveling shoes.      ( Marie Micheletto RSM)

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