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Old Age in a New Age


By Beth Baker


This book tells the story of a handful of progressive leaders in the field of aging services and how they, within their own nursing home, changed it from an institution to HOME. After the first chapter which relates significant data about aging statistics, the following chapters read like a novel! If and when we need more support in our daily life, we will be blessed if we live in an environment like those that Beth describes!  It’s quite doable, closely aligned with our Congregational mission and values, is budget-neutral --- and everybody’s much happier!

Thank you to Sister Imelda Mauer for this review

(gerontologist, licensed nursing home administrator)


Imelda Maurer, cdp
In Service to Our Own
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Book review by Sally Smolen, RSM

Creative Aging


WMW Retirement Advisory Board



            “As we approach midlife, many of us begin to think about what will make our lives worth

living in our sixties and seventies.  Most of us do not feel particularly old or worn-out, and yet we are looking for ways to slow down and notice things we have been too busy to consider before.  We may begin looking for a place where we do not have to compete so fiercely or carry the ambitions of others in quite the same way.”


With this paragraph, author Marjory Zoet Bankson begins CREATIVE AGING in which she invites the reader to rethink retirement and non-retirement in a changing world, and instead, focus on the spiritual dimensions of aging.  She describes the generative period between the ages of (roughly) sixty and seventy-five (maybe to eighty) as a period of possibility that is almost new in our time. 


Each chapter explores specific issues of generativity and includes a spiritual practice with questions to ponder at the end.  The book provides thoughtful reflections that lend themselves to use in 

solitude as well as in group discussion.  The book concludes with a list of suggestions for further reading.    



Publication Date: December 28, 2012

Discover Your Unique Gift

''Creative aging is a choice.... If we remember that transition always begins

with endings, moves on to a wilderness period of testing and trying, and

only then do we reach the beginning of something new, then we can

embrace this encore period of life with hope and curiosity, remembering

always that it is our true nature to be creative, to be always birthing new

ways of sharing our planet together.''

- from the Epilogue

(Taken from the Amazon website)



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