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Written by Jean Sassatelli on Jun. 28, 2018
Please keep my youngest brother, Larry in your prayers as he prepares to undergo surgery for a total hip replacement.
Written by Kris Sullivan on Dec. 15, 2014
Please keep my friend Joseph in your prayers. After being in remission for 3 years, his Leukemia has returned. He is most grateful for any prayers.

Written by Kathy Bermel on Nov. 25, 2014
Two year old Charlotte will have heart surgery on December 12. Any prayers sent her way are appreciated.
Written by Kris Sullivan on Aug. 26, 2014
Please pray for the successful travel of all those attending the PC meeting in Chicago.

Prayers for a successful and productive meeting.
Written by Pat Kelly, Associate on Apr. 26, 2014
Please pray for C.K., a 50-ish veteran who feels suicidal, deals daily with other mental health issues, and feels extremely lonely, though in the midst of people.
Written by Mary Ellen Brennan on Feb. 20, 2014
Please hold in prayer my forty year old
nephew who has had a third brain surgery.
A second nephew, David, requests prayer.
He need work.
Written by Jean Sassatelli on Feb. 5, 2014
I would like to request your prayers for a dear and long time neighbor and his family, who was just diagnosed with metastatic cancer.
Written by Sister Judy Pat Healy on Feb. 5, 2014
Danielle Kessler, Librarian at College of Saint Mary, & her husband Abe request your prayers for healing & peace. They were expecting their first child & had a miscarriage this past week.
Written by Patti Kantor on Feb. 5, 2014
Jerry Wattonville’s mother passed away on Saturday. Her funeral was held today (Thursday). Thank you for praying for the peaceful repose of her soul.

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17.09 | 12:29

Next MNOA Conference is Oct. 3rd - 6th 20119 at the Millennium Hotel in Buffalo NY. Reminder card will be out before end of the year.

17.09 | 12:10

When is the next meeting? I was on the Board for many years and miss coming to these meetings, and have had to attend a PC WMW meeting in September instead.

26.12 | 08:03

It’s amazing how they managed to achieve so much. It’s always nice to hear and be inspired.

19.02 | 14:43

What a beautiful thought and so appropriate as we blend our love for God and each other into a Oneness that can reach out to all those thirsting for God.