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Kris Sullivan | Reply 03.03.2015 15.16
Beautiful clip. Enjoy!

Don't ever forget all you have to be grateful for!

Listening is the best gift we can offer.  Being present for others when they need us...

I took this picture at Lake Zorinsky in Omaha. Last night as I was kayaking this beautiful swan was on the lake. I don't think she cared much for me, as she chose to swim off.

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Mary, If you sent your email via this message page, please send directly to me as I cannot see your email from this site... this is a privacy issue.

11.08 | 11:46

I already sent my email address!!

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Send your email address to and I will send a PDF oF the information.

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I am interested in the Aging Conference in Buffalo. Unfortunately, I am unable to read the bio of the speakers because the font is too small. Can you help?