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Written by Kathy Carulli on Jul. 30, 2019
Hi. I'm very excited about the conference in October. Is there a number or email I can speak with someone prior to?
Written by Jean Sassatelli on Sep. 16, 2018
Great to hear from you! Have you had a chance to watch the video on Time Restricted Eating? Very interesting... makes good sense and pretty simple, but in the fast paced world we live, I imagine for many it takes a commitment and dedication. Keep aging joyfully dear Sister!
Written by Mary Anita Iddings RSM on Sep. 13, 2018
Dear Jean and friends, I thought I would just drop in to a favorite place of mine. I am happy to see you are there Jean and still giving us something to think about. I am 94yrs young now and I am experiencing all the blessing of aging. Thanks Jean for keeping our meeting room up.
Written by Jean Sassatelli on Aug. 13, 2018
See the new link: Video Education... more videos will be added.
Written by Jean Sassatelli on Jun. 3, 2018
June 4, 2018
See the new section on Brain Health. If you have articles of interest we can post, please email these to: jsassatelli@mercywmw.org
Written by Jean Sassatelli on Feb. 15, 2018
FEBRUARY 16, 2018:

Check out the new resources and links under Wellness Links!
Includes information on Signs of dementia; senior drug use/abuse; and Care givers and substance use.
Written by Sent by Monica Jennings on Nov. 30, 2017
Protect Yourself from Holiday Stress
Orli R. Etingin, MD

Of the implications of both acute and chronic stress. The body’s “fight or flight” mechanism kicks into play when we are stressed for any reason. When this occurs, a cascade of events sets off the release of several hormones. This hormonal signaling make us more likely to eat too much, crave sugar, deplete ourselves of sleep, and feel agitated.
Physical symptoms of stress may include heart palpitations, dry mouth, stomachaches, nausea, diarrhea, tense muscles, headaches, and many others. In addition, we know that chronic stress can lead to depression and can exacerbate symptoms of ulcers, asthma, and colitis. Even certain forms of heart disease are made worse by stress.
What’s the best way to protect yourself against all the inevitable stresses of the Holidays? Maintaining your sleep and exercise schedules is probably the simplest, best thing you can do. Drinking alcohol can inhibit your judgement and stimulate your appetite, which frequently results in eating too much and making unhealthy choices, so avoid alcohol or limit your intake. When you are going to holiday celebrations, have a small snack before you arrive to curb your appetite and help prevent binge eating. It’s unrealistic to think that you won’t indulge in any treats at a party, but consider your choices and take small portions of two or three items that are most appealing, rather than noshing your way down the buffet table.
The holiday season tends to be fraught with family and relationship stresses as well. If you have a history of feeling anxious, depressed, upset or overwhelmed at this time of year, it’s a good idea to seek medical help and/or counseling in advance if possible.
The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time – but you won’t be feeling very joyful if you are stressed out and exhausted. At this time of year, make sure to take some time to focus on yourself and make the healthy choices that will help you in the holiday spirit.
Written by Sr. Helen Lucille Habig on Aug. 27, 2017
Where is the conference agenda with times and topics.
Written by Kris Sullivan on Oct. 27, 2015
Hello everyone!
Please check out the pictures from the recent Mercy Network on Aging Conference.
Found in the MNOA memories tab.
Written by Mary Anita Iddings RSM on Jun. 7, 2015
Hi everyone. It is good to be back after a two month experience of battling an illness. I have a way to go yet so I would appreciate your prayers.
Written by Pat mahon on May. 18, 2015
Hope to see you all in Omaha ...
Just found this Kris
Written by Carol Mucha on May. 7, 2015
Here I am back again, exploring all the wonderful articles and ideas to keep me healthy. And the blessing of good health is what I am gratefully enjoying for now.

So thanks for keeping me healthy!
Written by Marian Clare Valenteen RSM on Jan. 8, 2015
Hi, Kris!
One of my new year's resolution is to check in on this wonderful newsletter and resource for my own health and that of those I love.
Another resolution I have made is to make every effort to only do one thing at a time - particularly when walking, eating, and driving. Here's hoping!
Marian Clare
Written by Kris Sullivan on Dec. 30, 2014
Just a little wish to all for a happy and healthy 2015!
Written by Mary Anita Iddings RSM on Dec. 22, 2014
Congratulations to Michelle Gorman for her appointment as Chaplin for Calif. Senate.
Merry Christmas every one

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Mary, If you sent your email via this message page, please send directly to me as I cannot see your email from this site... this is a privacy issue.

11.08 | 11:46

I already sent my email address!!

11.08 | 11:42

Send your email address to jsassatelli@mercywmw.org and I will send a PDF oF the information.

11.08 | 11:22

I am interested in the Aging Conference in Buffalo. Unfortunately, I am unable to read the bio of the speakers because the font is too small. Can you help?