Some cherished moments...

Celebrating summer

the joys of spring

Never quit dancing

Never quit creating

Never quit learning

90 is the new 60!

Enjoy the adventure!

Share and learn from our elder members

Stand up for your beliefs

Celebrate the moments

Share your story

Celebrate the accomplishments

Share a smile with a friend

Enjoy one another's company


New beginnings

Exercise during supper series April 2014


Latest comments

17.09 | 12:29

Next MNOA Conference is Oct. 3rd - 6th 20119 at the Millennium Hotel in Buffalo NY. Reminder card will be out before end of the year.

17.09 | 12:10

When is the next meeting? I was on the Board for many years and miss coming to these meetings, and have had to attend a PC WMW meeting in September instead.

26.12 | 08:03

It’s amazing how they managed to achieve so much. It’s always nice to hear and be inspired.

19.02 | 14:43

What a beautiful thought and so appropriate as we blend our love for God and each other into a Oneness that can reach out to all those thirsting for God.